We all are content creators: Plus, Downloadable Content Calendar

We all are content creators: Plus, Downloadable Content Calendar

If you post to any social media network, you are creating content. Even if you only post to connect with your family and friends. Content it what keeps them entertain and coming back to see what you are up to again and again. And content is what feeds the social media beast and keeps it alive.

Now some of us have taken creating content to a level of making it a side hustle, a full-time business or for marketing a business.  A blog post on your site, a YouTube video and an Instagram reel are all ways that many people spread the word about their business or make a living as an Influencer.   

Sidenote: Black creators are the backbone of social media, content creation and the world of Influencers. (That’s a post for the future though.)

3 Tips for becoming a Content Creator:

Plan: Believe it or not many content creators who are influencers do not leave their content up to chance or random whatever happens I will share moments. Most content influencers spend a day even a week to a month in advance planning out what they will share and when. They plan on days that they will shoot photos and videos. What they will wear in those photos and videos. What they will write about in those photos and videos.

Post: Yes, obviously they plan on posting their content if they spent time and money planning and creating content. For this term it is more about when to post and how often you post. Will you post three times a day on TikTok? If you are interested in YouTube, will you post once a week or twice?

What time will you post? Are your Instagram followers more active at 8am, 1pm or 8pm?

Most content influencers spend time during the planning stage looking at the analytics of when their followers are most active and interact the most. This information is then used by influencers to determine when to post. Taking the time to do a deep dive into your analytics will help you figure out what is best for you and your brand when it comes to when to post.

Promote: Lastly, if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it fall or sees it fall then no one will know that a tree fell in the forest.

The point is that if you don’t let people know that you just put up a YouTube video (especially for those just staring out with 39 followers) there will not be enough eyes to drive up the views. You must put aside your pride and become vocal in sharing your content.

And don’t be afraid to ask others to share what you have posted with those who follow them.

Our Downloadable Content Calendar

Sometimes, keeping track of what to post and when to post can become a bit overwhelming. There is so much to keep track of. When to post, what to post and the actual time need to create the content.  

Well, we have something that can give you some assistance. At least with the part of planning out what and when to post. Our 4-page content calendar PDF that can be downloaded, printed and used immediately.

 What does the 4-page content calendar consist of?

It is a monthly calendar, a weekly calendar, social media worksheet and brand contact sheet.

The content calendar is not dated so you can use it for any month.

  1. The monthly sheet: Write the month on top of the sheet and fill in the day dates.
  2. The weekly sheet: We recommend printing at least 4 to cover the month.
  3. The social media worksheet: Space to write down information about the social media sites you use.
  4. The brand contact sheet: List information on the brands you work with or would like to work with for reference.

And the 4-page Content Calendar is only $2. Click this link and get yours now. 

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