You are Empowered so be a Priority

You are Empowered so be a Priority

Dear Reader, 

You are Blessed. Sometimes it may be hard to see the forest when you are viewing it through the forest. However, when you take a moment to step back you can truly see the beauty of the forest. 

Life is like that. We sometimes get so caught up in the midst of our problems, day to day routines and everything else life throws our way. When that happens, we tend to feel overwhelmed, and we don't feel so blessed. 

However, the word Blessed means Empowered to Prosper. It is the gift that is given to each of us. The gift of being able to change your mindset, take control of the circumstances you can control and moving your focus on doing what you can with what you got to make it work. 

You are Empowered to Prosper. You just have to know that you are. 

Just make certain that between being emerged in your gifted abilities, caring for others, handling your business and giving to others . . . you don't fail in the most important area . . . making yourself a priority.

So, take a moment, take a day, take some time and give yourself the gift of self-care. Of reflection. Of rest. Of love. 

You are Empowered so be a Priority.




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