5 Reasons you Should Subscribe to Our Email List

If you haven’t subscribed to the Create Lavender email list here are 5 reasons you should do so right now.

  1. Stay informed – By subscribing to our email list it will allow you to stay informed about the latest news, events, promotions, and updates.
  2. Receive exclusive offers – We offer exclusive discounts, deals, or promotions to our email subscribers, which means you can save money on products that you will love.
  3. Build a relationship - Build a personal relationship with Create Lavender as we share our thoughts and upcoming plans with our subscribers.
  4. Inspirational content - By subscribing to our email list, you will receive a dose of affirmations and motivation.
  5. Be the first to know – Our subscribers are the first to know about new product releases, company updates, or other important news, which gives you an edge over non-subscribers.

A bonus reason:

  1. Support – Okay, this is more so for us; however, your support is important and is definitely appreciated.



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