About Us

Welcome to Create Lavender.  Founded in May 2020, we are proud to be part of the movement of Black owned businesses that focus on the representation of Black people, Black culture and the Black community in our designs and products.

However, we also realize that one thing about Black people, we are multi-faceted like the many sides of a gem. We have an array of ideas and interests. From being the boss to indulging in cosplay. We cannot be placed in a box. We are not a monolith. Black people have influenced and are involved in every niche, genre and activity on this planet.

Create Lavender’s products are designed to highlight the beauty and the diversity of Black people within our communities. From clothing to stationery to home goods, we are focused on creating designs and products that allow you to express yourself authentically, boldly and proudly.

We are growing our designs, inventory and products daily. Our products are designed and shipped from our studio in Pittsburgh, PA. Many of our products are made in studio. 

Why is this brand called Create Lavender?

Create Lavender is our dedication and commitment to create designs and products that allow you to express who you are.

The meaning of the words.

Create is to bring something into existence from the imagination. Your ideas, your dreams, and your visions.

It is within you as to what you want to put out into this world.

Lavender is a beautiful and aromatic shrub that is held in high regard and has been used throughout generations in fragrances and for medical purposes. It is also the spiritual symbolic meaning that the plant holds that resonates. Lavender represents the calmness of being your authentic self. Of allowing who you are to shine in every aspect of your life. To live a life that you love and to love the life that you live.

Lavender is connectivity.
And community is a lovely thing.

Company Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and design products that celebrate the diversity of Black people within the Black community. To allow our customers to express themselves authentically, boldly and proudly.


Create Lavender products are designed to celebrate the beauty and the diversity of Black people and within our communities. We are working daily on adding new designs and products to grow our inventory to include a wide array of items. These items include clothing and accessories (t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, hats) stationery (stickers, notepads, notebooks, journals), home goods (pillows, blanket), gift giving items (greeting cards, gift wrap) and so much more. Our focus is on creating designs and products that allow you to express yourself authentically, boldly and proudly.

Our values:  The values of Create Lavender are creativity, community and authenticity.


About the owner and head designer: 


Sharon M Rainey loves creating. Whether it is writing content for her blog, sewing a 70’s inspired outfit, crafting something fun for the Holidays or digitally drawing new items for Create Lavender.

She loves to share her story of being a new business owner in the mid-season of her life journey (GenX). Yes, she's on Youtube.

She is a mother of two (daughter/Millennial Son/Gen Z). Currently she resides in Pittsburgh, PA.